It's Time To Make The Switch
RPWS is the all-in-one platform for keeping the Pebble smartwatch alive. It's time to make the switch to a replacement appstore, weather, and timeline.
A Living, New, Appstore Open to Developers
The RPWS appstore is a new appstore with all of the old Pebble apps. It's open to developers to develop and create new apps and faces.
It is Time for Timeline
3rd party Timeline pins are supported from all apps. Get reminders from app such as Snowy, or curve your habits with the Habits app.
Completely Transparent
Follow the quick setup steps and never worry about it again. Simplify your life.
Built for Developers
Developers can create and publish apps using RPWS. Use the web IDE and CloudPebble clone, WebPebble, to write apps. Publish them to the RPWS appstore in the dev portal.
Go to Developer Portal
Ready To Switch?
RPWS is free, and always will be.